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If you asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, the common themes were always someone who helps. Top of the list was a mom, and following close by were other careers like a teacher or nurse, but with no real certainty. I spent several years after high school working for non-profit organizations where money was raised and people were enabled to succeed,

but it still wasn't the fulfilling career my heart ached for.

After a 10 year struggle with infertility, I was surprised one day to find out that I was expecting. And with that news, my life changed. In an instant, all of those dreams became reality, and my view of the world was altered. Grand visions of finding my calling were quickly replaced with the reality of my life. And in that, a new calling was born. I simply cannot get enough of the little moments as my two boys grow.


They are a whirlwind of change.

And dirt. And fart jokes.

And inspiration.


And they have taught me that I need to slow down and enjoy this life, because tomorrow is coming - and with it, so is change. As a photographer, I want to slow down your world and


Even for a second.


Whether you have a growing family, a cause that you care deeply about, or a passion for the game, I would be honored to tell your story today, before the page of tomorrow is turned.

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